Lake Serene

We left by 8:15 and got to the trail head by 9:30. I believe we took the very last spot in the parking lot. As the season goes on we are learning to leave earlier and earlier for hikes... We got on all our gear and headed on. It was a clear day which made … Continue reading Lake Serene



Ok, not a real lottery, but the Enchantments lottery and that's pretty much as good as it gets! Except this lottery is gonna end up costing us a lot of money.. we'll get to that later. I kind of applied on a whim thinking "oh I'll never get in, might as well apply though". Kind … Continue reading WE WON THE LOTTERY

Enchantments Lottery

Let me preface this by saying we have dedicated ourselves to getting into the hobby of backpacking. This is a lofty, big investment in the beginning (ALL THE GEAR), but we are sure we will love it. Being able to get off the beaten path, explore places few people have and challenge ourselves in ways … Continue reading Enchantments Lottery