Enchantments Lottery

Let me preface this by saying we have dedicated ourselves to getting into the hobby of backpacking. This is a lofty, big investment in the beginning (ALL THE GEAR), but we are sure we will love it. Being able to get off the beaten path, explore places few people have and challenge ourselves in ways we never thought possible. Fun, right?

Well the Enchantments in the Cascades are the mecca of backing packing trips in Washington. Just a few hours from Seattle, is an 18 mile trek through the mountains with pristine alpine lakes and even mountain goats! Only 60 people a day are let in to this popular territory a day! The time frame of (mostly) snowless trails is very limited to middle July into middle September. This makes getting a permit to overnight hike here very competitive. We didn’t plan much into the trip at all, but thought, heck might as well apply and see what happens! So we did. Some people have applied 4 years straight and haven’t gotten it. Might as well start applying now. We find out in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

*not my photos 

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