Little Si

We have some pretty big (for us) hiking goals, so slowly making our way up bigger and steeper trails. We would love to do Mt. Si, Mailbox Peak, and possibly make it to Camp Muir this summer. Getting a head start on this in February should help condition us to make it happen.

Little Si is 4.7 miles round trip and 1300 elevation gain. Mt. Si is 8 miles, 3150 elevation gain, yikes. This hike wasn’t too terribly hard at all. The middle leveled out with some steepness at the end, but not unbearable. The summit was busy and over run with families and the view was alright, not as good as Rattlesnake. It was much more enjoyable without the pooch (sorry Cooper, some day you’ll be ready to hike). The hiking boots are wearing in nicely and we are learning more and more each time (like needing a Discover Pass to be in a state park, hello). Our next investment is in 2 Opsprey day packs (talon 22 for him and tempest 20 for me). These should be really good 3 season, day packs. What I mean by that is being able to use it when it’s cold and pack many layers with. Probably getting them within the next week to use the current REI deal. They always get us.


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