Mt. Rainier Camping Trip

We camped the night before in a campground about 30 minutes away from the park so we could get an early start Saturday. Saturday we woke up early, packed up, and went straight to Paradise. Through my research, I knew we had to hike the Skyline Trail to see incredible views. It was definitely the hardest and longest hike we have ever done at 5.5 miles with an incredible incline the whole way up. On the way we saw marmots, waterfalls, and other mountains far away. The views were breathtaking. After that we went to our campsite in the park and set up and actually had time to relax the rest of the day. Just read, sat in the hammock, grilled food, and drank wine. Sunday we woke up at a descent time, made eggs, hash browns, and turkey bacon, and then packed up. I had a couple more hikes planned even though our legs were already toast. But I really wanted to see Snow Lake which required a 2.5 mile roundtrip hike and it was another hilly one. We did it though and it was worth the view. After that we went to Grove of the Patriarchs and walked a bit through the old forest there, which was awesome. And lastly we did the road to sunrise which was beautiful, but the mountain was covered in clouds at this time.

Overall an amazing, beautiful time. So fortunate to live close enough to be able to take weekend trips to these places.


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