Oyster Dome

We left by 9 AM to head to Oyster Dome, which is about an hour and a half north of Seattle. I read over and over again that this is an awesome winter hike, and it did not disappoint. The parking for this hike is just on the side of the road off of the trail head, so get here early as there are not many spots. We were truly blessed with a sunny, clear day. A rare gem in the PNW. We started out on the trail, and like I read, the beginning is really steep. This hike was 6.5 miles and 1900 ft elevation gain, the longest and steepest hike we’ve done to date. Just making our way up to longer and bigger hikes (here’s looking at you Mailbox Peak) . After a mile into the trail you get a wonderful lookout point that is a taste of what is to come. We trekked the 2.25 more miles to the top over streams, rocks and steep, steep terrain. We finally made it and the view was breathtaking. It was clear, sunny and could see for miles and miles. What you are seeing in these photos are the Orcas Island, only accessible by ferry, obviously known for the Orcas whales that come up this way. Could even make out the top of the Olympic Mountains in a distance as well. We sat at the top for about 30 minutes snacking, enjoying the view and taking in the rare vitamin D. After awhile, we packed up and made our way back down in lightening time. So SO much easier with our poles on the way down helping us move a bit faster, but with some extra support not to fall (which would happen to me very easily). Overall a very beautiful hike with some amazing views. Probably a winter tradition, but save it for a sunny day!


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