Lake Cushman/ Staircase Rapids/ Copper Creek Trail

I wanted to see a different part of Olympic National Park then I had seen before, so I suggested we head over to the Lake Cushman area (indicated by the drop point above). You have to go down and around the water and go back up north to get to this area of the peninsula. … Continue reading Lake Cushman/ Staircase Rapids/ Copper Creek Trail


Ancient Lakes

Picture overload like woah. When it's your first ever backpacking trip you document the sh** out of it. So we finally got to try out all the new gear, put our new knowledge of this new hobby to work. We decided on this destination as it is a very popular spring backpacking trip. It's in … Continue reading Ancient Lakes

Tulip Festival & Deception Pass

My friend Vicki and I ventured to the tulip festival opening weekend. We got there an hour after opening and it was already jam packed. There are some free fields, but it was worth the $5 to go to the gardens and see all the different kinds. Advice: get here at opening and a weekday … Continue reading Tulip Festival & Deception Pass