Snow Lake Day Hike

Where: Snoqualmie Pass Mileage/ Elevation gain: 7.2/1800 We were going to do another overnighter this weekend but opted for a day hike instead (less stress/time). This one had been on my list, was only 45 minutes from Seattle and was relatively easy for a good payoff. We made it to the lake in about an … Continue reading Snow Lake Day Hike


Park Butte Lookout Backpacking

Where: Mt. Baker Wilderness Mileage/ Elevation Gain: 7.5/ 2200 5 of us headed out from Seattle early Saturday to do an overnighter near Park Butte lookout. I had not been this far north yet and was excited to see Baker up close and explore the area. We typed "Park Butte Lookout" into Google Maps, but … Continue reading Park Butte Lookout Backpacking

Vesper Peak Day Hike

Location: North Cascades/ Mountain Loop Highway Mileage/ Elevation gain: Est. 10-11/ 4,200 FT I had 2 Minnesota friends move into town and it was the perfect weekend to show them the beauty of my beloved Washington state. Vesper Peak had been on my list for a long time and everyone was on board. WTA website … Continue reading Vesper Peak Day Hike

3rd Burroughs Mountain Sunrise Hike

Location: Mt. Rainier Miles: 9/ 2600 elevation gain 7 of us left Seattle at midnight to make it to the trailhead at 2 AM. As we arrived at the trailhead, the stars were nothing like I'd ever seen. They were so bright and numerous. I could stare at them all night. We had a destination … Continue reading 3rd Burroughs Mountain Sunrise Hike

Goat Lake Backpacking

Where: Goat Lake, North Cascades (2 hours from Seattle) Distance: 12miles/1400 elevation gain¬†-¬†10.4 total roundtrip to lake (we added on 1.5 with hiking up the lake too) My husband, myself and two other couples (from Ryan's residency program) + 3 dogs headed out to Goat Lake for a one nighter. This weekend was also a … Continue reading Goat Lake Backpacking