Snow Lake Day Hike


Where: Snoqualmie Pass

Mileage/ Elevation gain: 7.2/1800

We were going to do another overnighter this weekend but opted for a day hike instead (less stress/time). This one had been on my list, was only 45 minutes from Seattle and was relatively easy for a good payoff. We made it to the lake in about an hour and a half, hiked a good ways around the lake until we got to a shore area with sunshine. It had been my goal this summer to pack in a floatie and go floating on an alpine lake, so we made it happen! It wasn’t particularly very hot, but the sun was out so we went for it. That water was really fricken cold, but it was worth it. Stayed in for about 20 minutes and the clouds started to roll in so we rolled out. It was like 2 totally different days there with the sun coming in and clouds going out. This is a lovely area and I would like to come back to do an overnighter and make it to Gem lake as well.



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