Car Camping in the Gorge

Last minute we booked camping in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon as the weather looked most promising there. We left Saturday morning and made the 3.5 hour drive down. We wanted to stop through the main waterfalls first but ended up waiting in a line of cars for over 30 minutes with no parking available. BIG fail. So we then went to our camp spot at the KOA. We set up camp and emptied the car out a bit and then went on to hike on Eagle Creek Trail to Punch Bowl Falls. This trail goes on much farther, but with time we did the 4 mile hike to a beautiful waterfall. Lovely fall colors on the way as well. We went back to camp, had a fire and drank all the pumpkin beer. Sunday we woke up to pouring rain so we slowly got out of the tent. We got up and saw all the waterfalls on the drive back and also swung through Portland for good food and tax free shopping. Can’t wait to go back and explore of the gorge.



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