Lake Valhalla

Mileage: 7/ EG 1500

Loved the snow so much that I had to come back for more the same weekend. 3 other girlfriends and myself headed to Lake Valhalla near Steven’s Pass to enjoy some more of the fresh snow. The entire road leading up to the trail was covered in snow but still passable. The regular winter attire, as I’m learning, is a puffy down coat, hard shell rain coat, hat, good gloves, warm pants, rain pants, gaiters, poles, waterproof boots and microspikes. Much more than the average summer day hike.

The incline was gradual and never too difficult. This trail meets up with the PCT and then you make your way to the lake. We got to the lake and it was socked in. We had a few times where the fog would pass and we could see a beautiful mountain peak peek out. We sat on our insulated seats, ate hot ramen and then quickly turned around to make it back before dark, which we were successful at.



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