Big Four Ice Caves Snowshoe


First snowshoeing adventure- ever! Finally got to try out our new MSR Revo Explore in some fresh powder on the mountain loop highway. The road was full of snow/ slush/ ice and was pretty dangerous. The parking lot had not been closed off yet, but was full of deep snow. The 5 of us + 2 dogs donned the snowshoes and headed out on the trail. The snowshoes were not 100% necessary as the trail had been stomped down a lot. The trail is 2.4 miles roundtrip and little elevation gain. As we approached the turnaround we heard a loud noise and it was an avalanche at the end of the trail. Some people got caught in the dust of it, so we decided not to venture too close to the mountains. After some lunch we headed back and made it back to the car, but not before Cooper decided to jump in a half frozen pond. That dog. On the way out we saw a car deep in a ditch and stopped to pull over to help and lend our tow rope. Be careful on those roads out there!


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