Ancient Lakes

Picture overload like woah. When it’s your first ever backpacking trip you document the sh** out of it. So we finally got to try out all the new gear, put our new knowledge of this new hobby to work. We decided on this destination as it is a very popular spring backpacking trip. It’s in central/eastern Washington, sunny, warm and dry. Things that the western portion is usually lacking in the spring. It was an easy 2 miles into the lakes where we then set up camp. We got there by 11 and the parking lot was already full. And when I say we, I mean myself, husband and two friends went on this trip together. We get to the lakes and scope out some spots. We found one on top of hill with great views all around and a legit fire pit. We set up camp (didn’t take us too long to set up the tent for the first time). We lounged a bit (napped) and then set up minnie day packs to go adventure around the area. Looking at the map I knew the trail made a giant loop so it couldn’t be too hard to figure out, right? We follow it around a lake, hop scotch over some giant and shifty rocks and get to this large waterfall. Well the only way is up and it was some intense climbing up loose rock. We all made it in one piece. We explored the upper area with more water falls, lakes and beautiful views. A few miles later and we were heading down into the coulee (this is the word for the canyon type area apparently). There were marmots, snakes, and an owl spotted on this trek. And lots of mosquitos. We were back around 4 and relaxed until diner time. We got to try our new MSR stove out for the first time! (will do some gear reviews at a later date..) We got a freeze dried pad thai and it was delicious. We enjoyed our single beer and whole bottle of wine we brought in a camping wine bag (this is a thing and you should buy it. ) We had good conversation, laughs, met new people and just enjoyed the beauty of the area. We soaked in the sunset, roasted marshmallows and watched shooting stars. This is what dreams are made of.

We hit the hay early (10?) and the three girls decided to catch the sunrise (the sleep deprived surgery resident opted out). It was beautiful and then we went back to sleep for a little while. We woke up, made some oats in the MSR and packed it out to go.

We definitely learned some things we would want to bring next time and can leave out. We would really like an inflatable pillow because sleeping well is awesome. We also would love some kind of seat pad because sitting on the ground gets old. I would not bring so much food and try to plan that better. I’d also bring more/warmer clothes because I am a baby and sleeping outside in the 40’s is even cold to me.

Backpacking/hiking/adventures challenge me in new ways all the time. I think that is a way it is addicting and always calling me back for more. I had to cross steams that had me shaking in my boots, use the restroom in the woods (sober), and totally leave behind everything that makes life comfortable. While some people couldn’t stand the thought of all of that, it totally makes me wanting more and ready to take on the next adventure.

Here’s to new hobbies, friends and memories that will last a lifetime.


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