Perseid Meteor Shower


It was all over the news that the Perseid meteor shower would be a big show this year. This sparked my interest as I had never seen a meteor shower before. My friend Amy said she was going so of course I asked to tag along. It was supposed to peak at 12 AM on a Friday. We left Seattle a little after 7 to make it to Sunrise, Mt. Rainier (2nd time in one week!) just before 10. I learned my lesson last time and really bundled up with the winter gloves and 2 pairs of pants. We brought camping chairs, sleeping bags, and set up the tripods to try to catch the action. We started seeing them at 10 even but they were really coming out by 11 when the sky was darker. We sat in the parking lot which is why this is a good location to star gaze as you don’t have to hike out for the good views. After awhile we did hike up the trail a little bit to get some shots of Rainier. This was my first attempt at night photography and after a few google searches and playing around, I got it a little bit right. It is crazy to shoot for hours to just get a few shots you really like. I was lucky to capture about 10 of the meteor showers with my camera. Overall it was spectacular and something I wont forget. God’s creation will always leave me dumbfounded. We left a little after 1 and made it back to Seattle by 3:45. The 4 hours of sleep before work were brutal but so worth it. You will never regret saying yes to new adventures, I promise you that.


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